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SCOPE Lighting offers turn key project lighting services for both members of the trade and individuals needing assistance in lighting selection and specification for a project. 

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Lighting Design

The importance of lighting cannot be overstated as it intersects all areas of building and design projects.

• SCOPE Lighting Group offers comprehensive lighting designs by focusing on three key components of any space:  we determine how the lighting should interact in the space given its prescribed tasks, form, and function; we thoroughly analyze the engineering and electrical requirements of the space; and finally, we establish the necessary layering light sources to achieve proper illumination and a pleasing aesthetic.

• To execute our 3-pronged design approach, we utilize cutting edge photometric engineering software, supported by traditional methods of hand drafting to ensure the prescribed framework supports the comprehensive needs of the physical environment.

• To ensure that your lighting design vision is realized by your team or your client, our designers offer drafting services and can produce renderings, animations and 3D photometric studies for presentation and client visualization. Once the design is approved, we will provide your team with a fully specified lighting package including RCP’s, control plans, elevations, and a matrix of all electrical and photometric data and specification details and mechanicals.



Budget Analysis & Product Specification 

• Budget preparation is essential for a successful lighting project of any size, large or small.  Our team will assist you in establishing a realistic budget that will be consistent with your project’s needs and expectations. 

• We help you and your clients avoid compromise and value engineering at the end of a project by setting a realistic budget at the project’s commencement.  Because we stay abreast of the latest lighting introductions, trends, and developments and directly distribute over 200 lighting lines, we are able to specify architectural and decorative lighting that suits your needs and fulfills budgetary requirements.


Value      Engineering

• Despite the best of intentions, some projects need to trim expenditures midway or at the end of the construction phase.  SCOPE Lighting Group can perform Value Engineering Analysis and capture savings while maintaining the original design intent. Our team will identify the best areas to compromise without sacrifice of quality.



• We believe in teamwork and readily seek to collaborate with our trade associates. We often join forces with trade members at any phase of a project and at various capacities. 

• Our client base and collaborative partners consist of architects, designers, general contractors, electrical contractors, and engineering groups. We also enjoy working with developers on feasibility studies and individuals embarking on residential building projects of their own. 


Turnkey Services

• We desire success for all projects and pledge our support from beginning to end.  From the initial purchase order, we track and schedule items shipping from numerous locations to your project destination for streamlined and efficient delivery. Our dedication to effective expediting mitigates the confusion and many obstacles that can occur.  Our team can respond quickly with fast order and shipping notifications – helping you avoid scheduling delays.

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Human-Centric Lighting Design

• SCOPE Lighting Group is dedicated to embracing the ever-expanding science and philosophy behind human-centric lighting design.

• The latest studies reveal a strong relationship between human biorhythms and artificial and natural light.  Smart lighting controls and tunable fixtures help sync our environment with our body’s natural circadian rhythms.  Light color temperature control and light intensity control can also enhance our sense of well-being.

• We diligently pursue education and advancement of our knowledge in this field so our lighting designs are in harmony with current technological advances.


Energy Efficiency & Smart Systems

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